AL-IN magazine

オル・イン for All Institutional Investors

What is “AL-IN” ?

"AL-IN" is the top of "investment information magazine" in Japan. It is aimed at institutional investors, covering not only traditional assets such as stocks and bonds, but also alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity and real estate.

AL-IN magazine

AL-IN Vol.45

2017 AUTUMN Issued on Sep.25th


"Fixed Income is not the same what it used to be."
AL-IN magazine

AL-IN Vol.44

2017 SUMMER Issued on Jun.26th


Special Survey 2017

Survey of pension investor’s demand.

AL-IN magazine

AL-IN Vol.43

2017 SPRING Issued on Mar.27th


"Infrastructure Investing"

Increasing interest as income asset.

AL-IN magazine

AL-IN Vol.42

2016 WINTER Issued on Dec.15th


Think again about “Pure Alpha”

Active manager is put to the test.

Who read “AL-IN” ?

"AL-IN" is based on the model in which the medium is distributed free of charge to specific groups including pension funds and financial institutions. This magazine is a favorite with especially corporate pension funds.

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Why “AL-IN” ?

The “AL-IN” magazine will support your marketing activities, by ensuring that your advertisements will reliably and efficiently reach your audience, and that you will obtain feedback (advertisement assessments, etc.) from readers.

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